Hand Painted on Clear - Floral Medley (asst colors) 5.5"

 Hand Pained Crystal Nail File made from genuine crystal from the Czech Republic.  This is NOT the immitation China glass nail files that wear and only good for a few uses.  This is the only glass file guaranteed to never wear out or wear down.  Superior to any file on the market. Vast improvement over traditional nail files.  Use on natural and artificial nails.  With continued use reduces chipping, peeling and splitting of natural nails.  Filing surface is so smooth; it will not disturb nail polish during touch-ups.  Won't tear or harm delicate skin. Safe for diabetics and babies.

Filing surface is non-porous, double-sided and permanently etched into the glass.  The only file that can be sanitized 100% using UVB light, autoclave, heat or liquid disinfectant. This applies to clear handle files ONLY.  The only file board certified in every state in the USA.

Environmentally friendly. NO lead is added or chemicals used during the manufacturing process.  Tempered and hardened for durability and safety, 100% stronger than standard glass.  Files that have not been through the tempering and hardening process can splinter.  Designed to break in a blunt fashion, should you drop your file, reducing the risk of injury.

Handles are available in a wide selection of brilliant colors.  Personalize the handle with your company name, logo, mascot, word mark or individual monogram with silk-screening or laser engraving.  Embellish the handle with semi-precious stones or Swarovski(tm) crystals.

  • Small file is 3.5 inches in length perfect for tucking in a hand bag.
  • The medium size is 5.5. Inches in length and is ideal for manicures.
  • The large file is 7.5 inches in length and is just the thing for cracked heels and calluses.
  • The professional file is 7.5 inches in length and is ergonomically designed for the professional manicurist.
  • The grit on the small and medium file is approximately 200 - 220 grit.
  • The grit on the large file is approximately 180 grit.
  • Files breeze through airport security.
  • A protective sheath is included with each file.
  • Additional accessories are available.
  • Used by celebrities.
Floral Medley (asst colors) on Clear
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  • Item #: Cl - Floral Medley - Med
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